Welcome to Satisfied Spending!

Hello! I’m Karen

I’m Karen, your personal guide to spending satisfaction. Welcome to a whole new perspective of money management.

Over the past ten years I have created a process to maximize spending satisfaction! Not “responsible” spending. Not budgeting. Not deal hunting. Not even financial “peace.” My passion is spending money in a satisfying way! Then maintaining that satisfaction with minimal effort and no traditional budget.


I unknowingly began developing this process over ten years ago. As a married, gainfully employed recent college graduate with a freshly minted mortgage, I discovered (much to my dismay) my money did not manage itself. To top it off, I didn’t have a clue how to manage it either. This lack of knowledge was evidenced by the almost $250k in debt I was lugging around.

My debt epiphany drove me head first into learning all I could about managing money, specifically how to pay down debt. I scoured the internet and library shelves searching for any information on how to effectively handle my money. I attended personal finance classes, listened to personal finance talk radio, and watched more personal finance television than I care to admit. I have happily been a passenger on many financial bandwagons including early retirement, financial peace, deal hunting, and paying-off-the-mortgage to name a few. However, as The Rolling Stones very famously proclaimed,

I can’t get no satisfaction

‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

I feel The Rolling Stones anguish. After all, following all the advice out there did not lead me to lasting satisfaction in my spending.

The Challenge

I followed several personal finance blogs and loved reading any new book on personal finance. Alas, I never found a source that focused solely on how to satisfactorily spend money while still covering the basics. The basics being “responsible” money actions such as having an emergency fund, saving for retirement, proper insurance coverage, etc. The burning question I wanted an answer to is:

Once you are responsible with your money how do you get the most spending satisfaction right now?

Most individuals I speak with have no desire to be a miser, minimalist, or deal chaser while seeking their big goals.

I’m was also tired of hearing “keep your lifestyle in check” in from major personal finance voices. Lifestyle is what makes life fun! Why can’t a person spend my money on that? Or maybe the question is,

How do you create a satisfying lifestyle while still ensuring your financial security now and in the future?

How does a person find honest, guilt-free satisfaction in spending? I know money can’t buy everything, but it can fuel a life we enjoy – now and later. Over the years, I have been exposed to excellent ideas on how to spend for happy purchasing and changing your perspective to gain more with less. However, I haven’t seen a practical application of these ideas in a clear, concrete form I could execute.

A Solution

To that end, I have a developed a system on how to execute the ideas I have encountered. I want everyone to gain satisfied spending. While there are lots of faucets to personal finance, I see four main steps to achieving satisfied spending:

  1. Know What You Want
  2. Reveal Your Money’s Secrets
  3. Increase Your Spending Satisfaction
  4. Train Your Brain

I call these steps the Satisfied Spending Cycle and will explore the concepts behind each step on this blog. I will walk you through each step and provide concrete concepts to apply in your quest for satisfied spending. As my own quest continues, I will further refine the cycle to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with the least amount of effort. Please, join me on the journey!