Learn how to make guilt-free, regret-free spending choices based on your life - not the masses.

Transform how you decide what to buy - and kiss buyer’s regret goodbye! Reduce stress and increase confidence when making big (or small) spending decisions. This course teaches you a simple step-by-step guide to know what purchases support your unique life and lifestyle to maximize your happiness.

Stop Buyer's Remorse!

Imagine a life where you stop waffling when making spending choices.

When working hard to reduce debt or striving toward financial independence, you don’t want to “waste” any income and suffer buyer’s remorse. You also want to cease the internal struggle to stay within budget amounts your head says help you achieve your goals while your heart is crying out for more!

That's exactly why I created this program.

Karen Whaley

Financial Lifestyle Coach
Certified Financial Instructor

I struggled for years with cycling from binge saving to binge buying. Either extreme came weighted with frustration and worse, guilt for spending money. My goal was to pay down debt and then pursue higher than average savings rates. My brain told me my budget number was “right”, but my heart hated the journey.

Over the years, I’ve consumed knowledge about both personal finance and what drives happiness for all people. All this information resulted in a mindful spending approach that maximizes my happiness today, without sacrificing my tomorrow. Now I seek to help others find joy in all their dollars


Karen really knows her stuff! She's changed my life forever!

Jenny Martins

Introducing Mindful Spending

Mindful Spending is a step-by-step guide to happier daily spending that blends individual life desires with proven spending strategies to increase happiness.

This program will help you spend with confidence, less stress, and fewer purchase regrets. Create a life worth loving with all your dollars.

What's Included In The Program:

  • 5 Learning Modules ($250 value)
  • 10 Action-based Lessons ($125 value)
  • Complete Step-by-Step Mindful Spending Guide ($50 value)
  • Golden Purchase Principles ($50 value)
  • Bonus: Ultimate Guide of Mindful Spending Hacks ($25 value)

Get Started
For Just $97!

Total Value $500

Frequently Asked Questions

How is mindful spending different from intentional spending?

Intentional spending places your head (logic) in the driver seat for spending, but as humans, we make decisions with our emotions (hearts). Mindful spending allows the heart to be the main driver of all your spending which means you capture greater joy with every penny in your pocket! PLUS mindful spending incorporates science-back research showing us exactly what yields more happiness with everyday spending choices. You can read more about what is mindful spending here or here.

Do I need to have (and use) a budget before taking this course?

No, you can practice Mindful Spending without traditional personal finance tools, including budgets. However, you will get more from the lessons in the course if you have some awareness of your current financial state. I.e. total debt amounts, savings rates, net worth, etc.

I’m just getting started in managing my money. Is this course right for me?

Yes! This course is designed for everyone. Whether you are new in your financial journey or have complex financial spreadsheets – you can implement the approach immediately and reap the benefits.

Is there a set time to complete the course?

This is a self-paced course. Start now or start later and go as fast or as slow as you need.

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