Finally, a unique approach to spending and saving money! Embrace today without sacrificing tomorrow.

Say goodbye to buyer's remorse, stop being a slave to your budget, and live your dream lifestyle.

Confessions of a Money Nerd...

I know it might sound crazy (most would think it is)! Being hypervigilant with your money isn’t a problem - is it?

Well, you might be a money nerd if you are always worried about “wasting” money. You struggle with making decisions on how you will spend your money. You constantly feel guilty about spending money on today because you (think) you’re sacrificing tomorrow.

That (was) me. Can you relate?

Karen Whaley

Financial Lifestyle Coach
Certified Financial Instructor

After living the quintessential American dream and conquering the resulting 6 figures of debt, I became disillusioned with mainstream personal finance programs. 

I dove headfirst into understanding the psychology of happiness and studied how we use the money to propel us toward a dream life. 

My signature interest is on using money to live - not living for money. If that sounds appealing, you are in the right place my friend!


Stop wasting your hard-earned money and discover how to spend money to achieve your ideal life with mindful spending.

Mindful spending is a unique spending approach based on your own needs and psychology designed to get you - out of your own way so that you can start using money to live instead of living for money.

With my mindful spending program, I can...

  • Give you the life-based and psychological tools you need to make better decisions in your life regarding money.
  • Help you understand the relationship you have with money and how it affects the way you spend (and how you feel when you are spending).
  • Help you get control of your money so that your money doesn't control you.

Karen really knows her stuff! She's changed my life forever!

Jenny Martins

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